VUCADo you know what a VUCA environment is?

We will tell you. This concept dates back to the 1990s and began to be used by American soldiers.

It is an acronym for English (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity). Here are the details:

Volatility: refers to various changes and how quickly they occur.
Uncertainty: it would be the inability to predict or anticipate situations.
Complexity: it is the difficulty to understand and handle the context or to distinguish between cause and effect.
Ambiguity: refers to the complexity of understanding the relationships between the different elements that are present or that make up the environment.

But there are tools to face it, adapt and even take it as an element of value:

  • Choose your leaders carefully: that they are able to face changes calmly and coolly.
  • Invest in the training of your employees: if you bet on constant training for your workers, you will be investing in the progress of your company.
  • Innovate by incorporating new technologies: it is very necessary to correctly address the digital transformation and manage talent well in the technological age. From Thomas More Management Consulting we can accompany you in this journey.

Undoubtedly, the VUCA environment is a reality that the world of work faces every day. From the Human Resources department, it is convenient that you do everything possible to have the right talents and provide them with the necessary tools to take advantage of a situation that, although it may seem hostile, can bring great benefits to your company.

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