CEOS against teleworking? Find out why

CEOS againts teleworkingCEOS against teleworking Without a doubt, the pandemic context has opened up great debates about working from home. Many are in favor, in fact there are those who assure that this modality makes them more productive. But in a world of differences, some executives fear that working remotely will affect the processes of innovation and brainstorming.

And this is precisely the case of Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix who caused a furor with his clear position on working from home. He told The Wall Street Journal that with this modality everything is more negative because it is much more difficult to debate ideas.

He actually believes that most companies will adopt the following habit: four days at the office and one from home.

On the part of him; Beatriz Marín, CEO of UBS in the United Kingdom, stated that the home office is only useful for people with self-discipline and self-motivation, otherwise; It could lead to a deterioration in productivity.

In an interview for Expansión, she stressed that teleworking requires great discipline to get up and get dressed. "Coming to the office forces you to have a series of habits that prepare you for the work you are going to do," she assured.

In the same sense, the head of Innovation and People at Strategyco David Cerdá, said that virtual meetings are worse than face-to-face meetings and worsen creative work.

Cerdá believes that "without a doubt" telework is already an irreversible phenomenon, but it has its flaws: "Meetings (those that are necessary) get quite worse at a distance, and from a certain number they are impractical. of mental health: loneliness, worse social relationships, vital impoverishment ... We must not forget that we are social animals ".

And you as a leader… What do you think of teleworking?

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