We Engage

In the future of our relationship with your organization you can expect to find some important aspects in our consultants:

Business vision

From the beginning of the relationship, we work by placing ourselves in the position of a partner. We focus on broadly understanding the problems and business issues of our clients, both at an operational and strategic level, which allows us to help better, as well as design compensation plans, executives, sales, retention plans, organization, or any other project, correctly aligned with the company's plans and that can give it the necessary support and momentum.

We seek to have a broad understanding of the organization and its culture, the values ​​that inspire it and the vision of the partners regarding it. This process, experienced over the years, has allowed TMC to help multiple organizations and optimize their business results.

Our key competencies

When interacting with clients, the skills of our consultants have proven effective in a variety of projects. Our consulting team is:

Diagnostic capacity and speed

It's about diagnosing accurately. TMC consultants are trained for years to correctly detect the problem (s) and quickly determine possible solutions. When there are several options available, we focus on the best of them within the real circumstances of your company.


TMC is recognized for offering solutions that are not usually within the thinking scheme of organizations. The time we dedicate to research has allowed us to provide various clients with solutions that, over the years, become benchmarks in local and international markets and give it a competitive strategic advantage. But even in conventional solution scenarios, TMC consultants may present options that might seem unfeasible, but once implemented make a difference.


Advising our clients, TMC consultants offer the optimal solution independently and without external conditions that skew the best advice as well as with objectivity to meet the different circumstances.


TMC consultants work in a collaborative scheme to place themselves at the service of the organization, while seeking to create value for it. The consultant figure is a service figure.

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