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    We are studying constantly and this allows us to adapt to different companies.


    We believe and invest in innovative methods and tools for producing unprecedented solutions.


    We are free to offer the best piece of advice to our customers and commit with their welfare.


    We focus on our customers, looking for satisfying their specific and general needs.


    Federico López Saavedra


    Federico López Saavedra has over 26 years of experience and more than 100 customers both national and internationally.  He has a Master´s Degree in Statistics and also a Master´s Degree in Mathematics Economy Ampliation and Computer Statistics Methods at Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), as well as a Master´s Degree in Economic Policy from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (UCAB) where he studied his Bachelor Degree in Industrial Relations.

    He has experience in the majority of functional areas in different kinds of organizations multinational and national that allows him to get a holistic view of corporate culture and incorporate it to Thomas More Management Consulting where he is a Managing partner and founder (2003).  He held important positions at Andean IBM and William M. Mercer in Venezuela.  Created ESC Corporation (1992-2000), pioneer company in online salary surveys where he developed the first Advanced Compensation Program in Venezuela, in 1998.

    He was a professor at UCAB for over 30 years and nowadays he is a lecturer at Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA Venezuela). Lopez Saavedra has been a speaker and lecturer at events with different chambers, associations and local institutions in Venezuela as VenAmCham, Venezuelan Banking Association, Venezuelan Insurance Chamber, IE Spain, IESA, UCV and UCAB.  He has also been a guest lecturer in Ireland, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Panama and Dominican Republic and member of the Global Executive Committee of Actuarial Science International Associates (Asinta).  Different institutions have published his articles as WorldatWork Journal of WorldatWork.

    He is author of ” Sales Compensation ” available on Amazon©


    Sales Compensation

    Sales force is a fundamental element for fostering business goals.  TMC Sales Compensation DNA encompasses a well developed incentive model including all the designed elements for optimizing sales, such as, configuration of sales roles, determining formula related to results, encouraging achievement, choosing the appropriate indicators for the business strategy, cost model related to sales incentive plan and the selection of the right system among others.

    Designing, implementation and communicacion plans

    Thank to the successful experience of hundreds of clients satisfied by TMC we are able to collaborate in the implementation and communication of your sales force plans as well as with the training of the managerial and supervising staff for the correct understanding and transmitting of new goals.

    Evaluation and total compensation

    Verifying Total Compensation comprises a profound review of different aspects related to
    company compensation.  Our analysis embraces diverse aspects as:
    Internal equity both vertical and horizontal.

    • Achievement of payment policies according to performance.
    • Aligning payment with organization results.
    • Intangible Management.
    • Designing policies and payment philosophy.
    • Designing benefits.
    • Fix-variable mix.
    • Formulation of the executive policy.
    • Short and long-term incentives.
    • Designing and formulation of policies and payment to expatriate.

    Executive Compensation

    Our services includes the necessary aspects for the correct design and governance for the Executive Compensation, for instance:

    Designing executive compensation strategies.
    Designing of incentive plans.
    Aligning indicators with business strategy.
    Development of formula contributing to the aligning of payment/results.
    Selection of indicators and formula composition.
    Modeling costs according to scenarios.

    Total Rewards

    We measure and design strategies that include every tangible element as compensation and benefits, and intangible like life-work effectiveness, training and organizational culture that attract, retain and motivate employees.

    Sales Multidimensional Analysis (SMA)

    Analyzing the sales force in its multiple dimensions as well as diagnosing elements that contribute with excellence is fundamental in good and bad times.  TMC offers the right tools that allow us to relate the study of different aspects of the sales team: dimensioning, different roles, compensation and reward systems, profiling, required training, analysis and configuration of territories, among others.

    Methodology EFQM for organizational culture

    The study of organizational culture – organizational atmosphere – allows, through the opinion of the employees, having a general perception of the organization in a certain moment.  Having and analyzing such  information helps generating a more competitive and innovative business.

    TMC offers a model of analysis based on EFQM Methodology (European Quality of Commitment by Excellence Standard) that analyzes two blocks: satisfaction and motivation.  This model is flexible and supported by an online tool that guarantees validity and confidentiality of information.  At the same time, we apply our technological system Business Intelligence that assures accuracy in collection and analyzing data.


    Belbin Team Roles Methodology has been object of research for over 30 years within the academic and business world.  Research concluded, with a high degree of validity and reliability, that the most successful teams are those having different kind of people, in other words, those behaving differently.

    Belbin Team Roles are useful for identifying strengths and weaknesses of people´s behavior and equipment at work.

    This information can be used for:

    Building productive relationships at work.
    Selecting and developing high performance teams.
    Increasing self-awareness and personal efficacy.
    Generating confidence and mutual understanding.
    Help with recruitment processes.

    Belbin Team Roles measures behavior, not personality, and can be defined as ¨Our particular tendency to behave, contribute and establish relationships with one another within a team¨.

    TMC offers more than 5 years of experience applying this methodology in different organizations with different activity sectors.

    360º Feedback

    360º Feedback allows contrasting the image we have of ourselves through a whole vision provided by our bosses, collaborators, peers and even our external and internal customers having a set of competencies and key behavior.  Nowadays is as a very powerful tool for developing higher positions allowing a global vision of strengths and areas to be developed; this allows action plan definition and fosters achievement of business challenges.

    TMC is an expert in designing and applying such methodology, from massive processes to individual analysis.  We offer a web platform that helps us automate every process thus guaranteeing participants´ absolute confidentiality.  Our platform encompasses Business Intelligence system offering technical accuracy and outstanding technology.


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