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    Webinar: How to make sales compensation plans

    The configuration of the payment tables: Intermediate level course, designed for those who want to deepen the design and administration of sales incentive plans.

    Date – Hour:

    May 30 2019, 10:30 AM – 12: M (Caracas Time)

    Registration fee:

    US$ 95,00

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    Sales Compensation

    Field of study:

    Incentive Plans


    Human Resources Managers, Compensation Managers, Compensation Specialists, Compensation Analysts, Sales Managers, Sales Operations Managers, Personnel involved in the design and / or administration of incentive plans for the sales force

    Difficulty level:





    Bachelor in some field such as Industrial Relations, HR, Finance, Administration or similar

    Previous preparation:





    This is an intermediate level course, designed for those who want to deepen the design and management of sales incentive plans.

    In general, it covers two fundamental aspects: the first one, related to the fundamental aspects of the DNA of the sales incentive plans. The second one a specific aspect of the plans which is the configuration and design of the payment tables

    Learning objectives

    Firts objectives



    Performance Measures-Tables

    Model of External Competitiveness and Internal Equity

    Government Module

    Second Objective

    Know more in detail how to develop the tables of sales incentive plans and what are the fundamental aspects to take into account. Examples of anonymous real cases that illustrate the application are presented


    Federico López Saavedra is a highly respected professional in the field of Compensation in the world. As final responsible for global, international and local projects in different areas such as Sales Compensation, Executive Compensation, Talent Retention and Total Reward, among others, he has served more than 100 clients in different continents including Latin America, United States, Europe and Asia. In addition to this experience, Federico has worked in sales, post-sales and logistics, finance, market and human resources in world-renowned organizations belonging to the Fortune 500. His experience has allowed him to give a holistic vision to the corporate culture of Thomas More Management Consulting, of which he is Managing Partner and founder (2003).

    In his current position, Federico has made TMC the number 1 company in Sales Compensation and Talent Retention in the country. The best and / or largest national and international companies develop their sales compensation plans directly under their tutelage, subject of which they wrote a book. Likewise, it has managed to develop consistently in the international market in this area, developing sales incentive plans for almost all continents.

    For more than 30 years he was a professor at the School of Social Sciences of the UCAB and is currently a professor at the Institute of Higher Studies in Administration (Iesa Venezuela). He has given lectures and master classes at the IE Business School in Spain. He has been a speaker at events and talks from different chambers, associations and institutions such as VenAmCham, Venezuela Banking Association, Venezuela Insurance Chamber, IESA, UCV and UCAB. He has also been invited in Ireland, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Panama and the Dominican Republic. He was a member of the Global Executive Committee of Actuarial Science International Associates (Asinta). His articles have been disseminated by various publications and institutions, including WorldatWork Journal of WorldatWork. He is the author of Sales Compensation, for sale on Amazon ©, in English and Spanish.


    Participants must attend the 90 minutes to receive a digital certificate of attendance to the Webinar by email

    Power Point presentation:

    All attendees will receive a PowerPoint slideshow of this Webinar


    To see and hear the presentation you need:

    Computer PC or Mac / tablet / phone with browser and internet connection

    Telephone or speakers

    La plataforma a ser utilizada será Zoom Webinars. Puede revisar los requerimientos de uso de la plataforma en www.zoom.com


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